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Before You Begin

On the day of collection, avoid caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine.

Continue to take your medications, supplements, and hormones as usual unless specifically instructed to do so by your MDLifespan Team.

If you use hormone creams, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before beginning. Creams containing hormones can contaminate the collected specimen, so be cautious not to touch the rim of the collection tube.

If you take hormones by sublingual delivery (under the tongue), ensure that at least 24 hours have passed since sublingual hormone use before collecting the specimen.


During the hour before saliva collection, DO NOT eat, brush, chew gum, use tobacco, floss your teeth, use lip balm, or use mouthwash. If you have gums that bleed easily, such as gingivitis or periodontitis, you should contact the MDLifespan Team to confirm that this is your best testing method.

Saliva Testing Instructions 1 - MDLifespan

You may drink water but wait 5 minutes before starting the collection. You cannot drink water during the collection, otherwise, you will need to restart the collection.

If you have difficulty producing enough saliva for the tube, press the tip of your tongue against your teeth. Yawning, imagining sour or flavorful foods, or smelling tasty foods can also generate saliva.

Night of Collection
Before your 2:30 AM – 3:30 AM collection, place your collection tube (with a completed label) at your bedside, along with a glass of water and a low-level light. Do not turn on a bright light, as it will cause your melatonin level to drop.


Activate This Test

Visit and enter the number on the activation label card included in this collection pack.

Using a ballpoint pen, on the label of the collection tube, write

  • Your date of birth
  • The date and the collection start time and stop time
  • Attach the completed label to the saliva tube

To collect the sample, rinse your mouth with drinking water before collection. Spit out the water completely. Wait 5 minutes before proceeding with the collection. Do not cough or clear your throat into the collection tube during collection. Avoid touching the rim of the collection tube.

Use the tubes in the order starting with Tube 1. Fill the collection tube to the mark with saliva that is liquid, not foamy. Tap the tube with your fingernail or tap on a solid surface to reduce bubbles. Insufficient saliva samples cannot be processed, so please collect adequate samples.

Repeat these steps for each sample:

Saliva Testing Instructions 3 - MDLifespan

Make sure the collection time and date are written on every tube

Make sure the cap is replaced tightly to avoid leakage. A leaked specimen will make testing impossible and thus require recollection. Place the filled tubes into the biohazard bag and freeze immediately. Samples must be frozen a minimum of 2 hours before shipping. Keep the sample frozen until ready to ship.

Saliva Testing Instructions 2 - MDLifespan



Confirm each tube has a completed label attached with your date of birth, date of collection, collection start time, and collection stop time.

Place the biohazard bag with tubes inside the collection box.

Retain a copy of the activation number for future reference using one of the three labels provided at the bottom of the activation label card.

Visit to enter the date of your final collection and receive your confirmation code.

Write the date of collection and your confirmation code on the activation label card.

Place the activation card inside the box.

Close the plastic shell and place it inside the FedEx shipping bag.

Follow the shipping instructions provided.

Saliva Testing Instructions 4 - MDLifespan