Patent-Pending Protocol

For the patient who wants all of the benefits that Plasma Exchange offers. Sign up for our Patent-Pending PlasmaXchange Protocol.

It includes before and after toxin and health biomarker testing, multiple plasma exchange sessions, plus IV and daily oral supplements. The benefits extend far beyond the immediate treatment. Clients continue to demonstrate significant improvements weeks, even months, after their final session, and our ongoing data collection indicates these positive changes may be long-lasting.

Reduce ALL Toxins Levels

Toxins are the ultimate silent killer, linked to cancer and other serious diseases. They damage organs, interfere with hormones, impair your ability to detoxify, and more. Our protocol has shown incredible results in reducing toxins levels:

Heavy Metals & Environmental Toxins
    • Aluminum (linked to Alzheimer’s Disease) decreased by 100%
    • Lead decreased by 85%
    • Pesticides decreased by 60%
    • Phenols, including BPA, decreased by 65%
    • Herbicides (Atrazine and Glyphosate) decreased by 75%
    • Phthalates decreased by 99%

Give Your Life More Moments

By removing the toxins from the bloodstream you are in return cleaning the environment for your body to thrive.

Health Biomarkers
  • Oxidation decreased by 50%
  • Senescence (pre-cancer cells) decreased by 77%
  • Inflammation markers decreased by 95%
  • Immune system strengthened by 110%
  • Immune system function showed an increased by 100%

Is the protocol right for you?

Start with a Toxin Test & Talk

We’re going to make it real easy for you. Order the Toxin Test & Talk to find out your toxinload and how it’s affecting your health. The urine toxin test kit will get shipped directly to your home, you’ll ship it to the lab the same day, and a few weeks later you’ll have virtual appointment to review the results. If you think PlasmaXchange is right for you, we will apply the cost of your test to a package plan.

How long will you live?

Take the quiz then order your personalized Longevity Report

Dr. Paul Savage MDLifespan
Dr. Paul Savage MDLifespan

Dr. Paul Savage

Dr. Moises Irizarry-Roman Stem Cell Longevity MDLifespan
Dr. Moises Irizarry-Roman Stem Cell Longevity MDLifespan

Dr. Moise Irizarry

Dr. Peter Schulz Chiropractic Longevity MDLifespa
Dr. Peter Schulz Chiropractic Longevity MDLifespa

Dr. Peter Schulz

Dr. Nikol Hopkins Nutrition Longevity MDLifespan
Dr. Nikol Hopkins Nutrition Longevity MDLifespan

Dr. Nikol Hopkins

Dr. Gertrude Lyons Lifecoaching Longevity MDLifespan
Dr. Gertrude Lyons Lifecoaching Longevity MDLifespan

Dr. Gertrude Lyons

Joey Thurman Fitness Longevity MDLifespan
Joey Thurman Fitness Longevity MDLifespan

Joey Thurman

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This team of doctors offers various programs to help transform the patient’s health and wellness. They work together to change the outcome of their patient’s lives.

Three Steps to Reduce Toxins


Educate Yourself

You need to know what toxins are and how you’re being exposed to them. Unfortunately toxins are everywhere: water you drink, air you breathe, medications you take, and food you eat. Take the time to learn about these toxins so you can try your best to avoid them.


Make Adjustments

Improve the water filtration system in your home. Look for non-toxic products for your kitchen cookware, personal hygiene, and cosmetics. Prioritize buying organic produce and stop eating of processed foods. No more plastic water bottles, switch to stainless steel. Make your own cleaning solutions. The list goes on.


Toxin Therapy

Now that you understand toxins and dangerous impact on your health, are you ready to remove them from your body? MDLifespan offers various options for toxin therapy, including our patented PlasmaXchange protocol. The only proven method to effectively reduce ALL toxins from the body.

Looking to Learn More?

Our team is constantly publishing new articles focused on the causes of aging, longevity therapy options, plus reviewing latest news stories. This is the place to find answers, guidebooks, podcast links, and expert advice on all things longevity.
Invest in your future to make life worth living

Plans & pricing

With MDLifespan’s longevity options, you can invest in your future and enjoy a life worth living. Whether you’re looking one specific procedure or a fully customized program, explore your options today and start investing in a healthier, happier future.

MDLifespan Pricing

Giving Our Client’s Lives More Moments

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Learn more about the groundbreaking discovery to drastically reduce toxins and improve your health and wellness! In this FREE Therapeutic Plasma Exchange guide, you can review the history, benefits, risks, procedure details, and PlasmaXchange package options at MDLifespan.


What is therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE)?

TPE is a medical procedure in which your blood is passed through an apheresis machine, exchanging the plasma with a specialized solution, then returning the blood cells to you in the specialized solution. This process clears abnormal proteins and toxins from the body.

How long is each therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) session?

From the time you arrive at the office until the time you leave the TPE session is typically 4 hours.

Is financing available for the PlasmaXchange packages?

Absolutely! We offer independent financing through MDLifespan. Pay 50% of the cost upfront, then the remaining amount will be split into 3 payments over a 90 day period.

What are the side effects of therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE)?

TPE is a safe procedure, but side effects can occur. Due to a needle being in place for several hours, discomfort, bleeding, bruising, nerve irritation/injury, or infection at the site may occur. There is also the possibility of temporary tingling of the lips and/or fingers, chills, stomach or muscle cramps, anxiety, nausea/vomiting, or on rare occasions seizures. Due to the removal of plasma and replacement with other fluids (saline) and proteins (albumin), patients may experience fatigue, dizziness, and fainting.

What is the difference between plasma donation and plasma exchange?

Plasma donation is differentiated from plasma exchange by the amount of plasma removed and the solution given to the patient. In general, a plasma donation is 500mL, and minimal solution is given in return, whereas plasma exchange between 1500-3000mL of plasma is removed and replaced with the same amount of a specialized solution.

Does MDLifespan offer other services other than therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE)?

Yes! MDLifespan focuses on services that support your longevity. We offer many options, including bioidentical hormone therapy, peptide therapy, genetic and telomere analysis, stem cell therapy, and more! MDLifespan delivers a measurable transformation to patients’ health through early detection, prevention, and intervention.