Condition: Heart Disease

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Stem Cell Post-Operative Instructions

Patients should be seen promptly by a physician for full evaluation should any of the following symptoms occur. Contact us (see below) or your primary doctor’s office immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.

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MDLifespan Inbody570

Body Composition Scan

As we age, our body composition changes, and it’s essential to understand what these changes are and how they can affect us. A body composition scan is one of the best ways to accurately picture your current body composition.

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Detox and Cleanse Therapy

Detoxification is an essential but often misunderstood and misconstrued process. Despite popular belief associated with trendy “detox” drinks that promise quick results without lasting impact, the real power behind detox stems from making small lifestyle changes to help your body flush out unnecessary toxins for improved health and well-being over time.

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MDLifespan Female Hormone Therapy

Female Hormone Therapy

As you reach a certain age, the transition to menopause or the experience of going through menopause can be overwhelming.

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MDLifespan Coronary Scan Heart Disease

Coronary Artery Calcium Score CT

Coronary Artery Calcium Score CT, or CT Heart and Cardiac CT, are all names for a specialized type of scan that allows medical professionals to assess the level of calcium build-up in your heart arteries.

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Heart Disease Therapy

The number one way to combat high cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke is prevention. At any age, you can make lifestyle changes that will help lower your cholesterol.

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MDlifespan Female Hormone Testing

Female Hormone Testing

Throughout her life, a woman’s hormonal fluctuations are greatly influenced by outside forces such as stress and infections, and genetics inherited from her mother. These can disrupt the delicate balance of hormones in a woman’s body due to inadequate production or excess amounts.

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MDLifespan Heart Disease

Heart Disease

When looking into aging and longevity, assessing your risk for heart disease and high cholesterol is essential!

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MDLifespan Full Body Scan

Full Body Scan

Early detection is critical to successfully treating many forms of cancer, yet most cancers remain undetected until they have advanced and are too often incurable. Along with cancer, early detection of aneurysms and organ abnormalities can be game changers.

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