Condition: Plasma Exchange Therapy

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange Improves Longevity

Blood is the conveyor belt of the body. Blood delivers all the supplies to the cells such as oxygen, nutrients, infection fighting cells, and many types of proteins. Blood then removes all the garbage from the cells such as carbon dioxide, breakdown products of metabolism, and toxins.

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Biomarkers and Aging: What is the connection?

Think of a biomarker report like looking at the dashboard of a car. A car has gauges that can measure the air pressure of the tires, the amount of gas in the tank, the temperature of the engine, and the quality of the oil in the filter, just to name a few.

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MDLifespan Plasma Exchange TPE Longevity

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange VS. Plasma Donation

In August 2022, a landmark study about the effects of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) on the biomarkers of aging grabbed the attention of every longevity researcher and clinician, as well as that of millions of aging adults.

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