Data Reveals Plasma Exchange Decreases Heavy Metals and Toxins

MDLifespan's Dr. Paul Savage Announces Patent-Pending Plasma Exchange Protocol

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Dr. Paul Savage Announces Patent-Pending Plasma Exchange Protocol

Dramatically Lowers Toxins and Reverses Aging Biomarkers

Chicago, ILMDLifespan, a leader in longevity science, has announced preliminary results from its latest research demonstrating significant reductions in heavy metals and toxins in the body, some up to 99 percent.  


The Threat of Heavy Metals in Our Bodies  

Dr. Paul Savage, from MDLifespan, warns that lead, mercury, and arsenic can cause serious harm to our health. People often overlook harmful substances that exist in the environment. Exposing ourselves to them can have detrimental effects on our well-being. They accumulate over time, leading to life-threatening diseases.”  


Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) Protocol: A Game Changer in Detoxification  

MDLifespan’s innovative TPE protocol, now patent-pending, promises a groundbreaking approach to reducing body toxicity.  

Dr. Savage says, “Our TPE protocol is more than a treatment. It rejuvenates the body by reversing aging biomarkers and greatly reducing toxins.” 


Preliminary Results: A Closer Look  

  • Heavy Metals: Reductions ranging from 25-100% across various metals, including aluminum, mercury, and lead.  
  • Environmental Toxins: Significant decreases in parabens, pesticides, and herbicides.  
  • Biomarkers of Aging: Notable improvements in oxidation, pre-cancer cells, and inflammation markers.  
  • Boosting the Immune System: Improving your chances of fighting and recovering from diseases and cancer. 

The Process: How Does TPE Work?

The MDLifespan TPE protocol includes multiple sessions where blood is processed using an FDA-approved device. The red blood cells are separated from toxin-laden plasma and replaced with albumin and saline, effectively decreasing harmful substances and abnormal proteins.  


The Benefits: Beyond Detoxification  

Reducing heavy metals can improve brain and heart health, help kidneys work better, and lower the risk of weak bones.  


The Data: A Collaborative International Effort  

This groundbreaking research involves an international team of clinicians, including experts from the University of Chicago, the University of Michigan, Bastyr University, and the University of Montpellier in France.  


The Significance: Understanding Your Toxin Levels  

Dr. Savage says it’s essential to test for toxins regularly. Toxins are increasing in the environment, especially in the United States. Knowing your exposure and toxin levels is crucial, then detoxifying for a healthier, longer life.  


Health Impact of Toxins: A Closer Look  

Toxins can damage organs, DNA, and cell membranes, alter gene expression, disrupt hormonal balance, and impede the body’s natural detoxification processes.  


The Way Forward: Public Awareness and Action  

MDLifespan promotes more public health awareness and medical guidance for testing and detoxification to tackle heavy metal toxicity.  


Official Data Results Publication: Scheduled for Q2 of 2024.  

Download Free Plasma Exchange Guide

Our TPE guidebook is a great FREE resource to learn more about the procedure. It covers the history of plasma exchange, the benefits, possible side effects, and how to prepare for the procedure.

Dr. Paul Savage is available for media interviews in 2024. He can be interviewed by video chat, phone call, or email. The topics he can discuss include toxin testing and detoxing.  

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