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Paul Savage,

PlasmaXchange Protocol Creator and Precision Medicine Physician

Founder & CEO of MDLifespan


At 37 years old, Dr. Savage was a successful ER/trauma physician. However, he was unhealthy, weighed 267 pounds, smoked cigarettes, was tired, anxious, and unwell, and had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, and stress. Instead of more medicine, Dr. Savage knew there had to be a better solution. A born investigator with a keen curiosity and determination to improve his health, he researched and explored every method and treatment that promised positive results — lifestyle changes, nutrition, supplements, hormones, IV Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy, and now even more.

Dr. Savage’s journey led him to embrace integrative medicine — an evidence-based approach that considers the patient a partner; focuses on the whole person; and uses an array of scientific disciplines to heal illness and disease and help people regain and maintain optimum health.

Twenty five years later, Dr. Savage is healthy, strong, vibrant, and passionate about his life’s work. He combines traditional and integrative medicine to keep himself — and his patients — in top physical and mental condition. Dr. Savage constantly seeks to expand his knowledge base, investigating the latest medical research and technologies and integrating it into his practice when appropriate. Extraordinarily experienced, knowledgeable, and devoted to his patients, Dr. Savage is the ultimate partner as your physician.


  • Fellowship in Stem Cell Therapy, University of Southern Florida
  • Fellowship in Metabolic Medicine, George Washington University
  • Fellowship in American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine
  • Residency in Emergency Medicine, Detroit Medical Center/Grace & Mount Carmel Hospital, Detroit MI
  • Doctorate of Medicine, University of Michigan Medical School
  • Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, Michigan State University


  • Stem Cell Fellowship, Certified
  • Integrative Metabolic Medicine, Certified
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Certified
  • American College of Emergency Medicine, Certified
  • Founder of Former Chief Medical Officer of Forum Health
  • Founder & Former Chief Executive Officer of Power2Practice
  • Founder & Former Chief Medical Officer at Agenixs
  • Founder & Former Chief Medical Officer at BodyLogicMD
  • Former Director of Emergency Medical Services at Cornerstone Medical Center


Medicine is spending time with your patient, getting to know the person, as well as their situation, exploring all avenues of testing and solutions, both traditional and integrative.

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