Dr. Paul Savage Discusses “Terrible Toxins” and Detox Solutions in Biohackers Magazine

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Dr. Savage, the founder and CEO of MDLifespan, talks all things toxins and health hacks for a better future in the latest issue of Biohackers Magazine. In his article titled “Terrible Toxins: How to Remove the Ultimate Silent Killer”, Dr. Savage provides an in-depth look at the hidden dangers of environmental toxins and their significant impact on human health.

Terrible Toxins - Biohackers Magazine

Understanding Toxins in Our Environment

Dr. Savage begins by shedding light on the various types of toxins that infiltrate our daily lives. He categorizes them into three main groups:

  • Biotoxins: These are natural toxins produced by organisms, including mycotoxins from fungi, zootoxins from animals, and phytotoxins from plants.
  • Environmental Toxins: Found in the air, water, and soil, these include pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals.
  • Industrial Toxins: This broad category includes human-made chemicals such as plastics, cleaning products, PFAs (forever chemicals), BPA, and microplastics.


These toxins have permeated every corner of our environment, posing serious health risks that are only beginning to be fully understood. However, recent studies already show alarming health consequences of chronic toxin exposure, which can disrupt our DNA, cells, metabolism, and hormones.

Introducing the PlasmaXchange™ Protocol

In response to the widespread issue of toxin exposure, Dr. Savage introduces the PlasmaXchange™ protocol, a specialized Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) treatment developed at MDLifespan. This innovative protocol is designed to remove toxins from the body, improve cellular health, and boost immunity. The article covers the remarkable results of patients who have undergone the protocol.

Results and Benefits

  • Heavy Metals: Significant reductions in arsenic, mercury, lead, and aluminum levels.
  • Environmental & Forever Chemicals: Decreases in pesticides, phenols (including BPA), herbicides, and phthalates.
  • Health Biomarkers: Improvements in oxidation, cellular senescence, inflammation markers, and immune system function.

The Future of Detoxification

The article emphasizes the urgent need for more research, broader awareness, and increased access to detoxification therapies like TPE. Dr. Savage believes that addressing chronic toxin exposure is a vital step towards protecting our health now and for future generations.


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