MDLifespan Launches “Longevity Score”

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We are making news! MDLifespan and our new “Longevity Score” are gaining significant media attention just a week after launching.

Our feature story in the Daily Mail / MailOnline includes comments from our Founder and CEO, Dr. Paul Savage. The article explains why Dr. Savage created the Longevity Score. It also discusses the meaning of the score. Additionally, it provides links for readers to answer questions and view their own scores.

Then, the New York Post published their review of Longevity Score just hours later, including comments by Dr. Savage and links to the Longevity Score page on our website.

When this post was published, we had over 72,000 submissions of Longevity Score.

Just under 12 hours after the Daily Mail story was was live.

We are experiencing the most significant traffic volume since launching the MDLifespan website! It seems that everyone is at least curious about their current health, risk factors, and projected longevity. MDLifespan’s mission is to educate the public and to assist those who are interested in optimizing their health for as long as they live.

Currently, the Longevity Score is in beta testing mode. It provides a life expectancy calculator based on your family history, lifestyle, and current health.

“Of the 38 questions included in the questionnaire, 34 directly determine your Longevity score,” says Dr. Savage. “Some answers could reduce your score considerably. Including how long you sit, amount of vegetables consumed per day, fasting, smoking, heavy drinking, and family history reduce the score from between 2 to 6 years each.”

Sample of questions from Longevity Score

We will release phase 2 of the Longevity Score in late November 2023. New features will include testing and therapy recommendations based on each person’s answers.

According to the MailOnline article, the “average life expectancy for men is 79 in the UK and 73 in the US, while women are expected to live until 83 in the UK and 79 in the US.”

Dr. Savage, founder and CEO of MDLifespan Longevity Clinic, told MailOnline: ‘I designed the Longevity Score as a method of inspiring people to evaluate the impact of their environment, lifestyle, and family history has on their longevity.’

“As my grandfather says, If you don’t look, then you will not see it, and if you don’t measure, then you cannot fix it.”

The MailOnline article concludes: “The questions are tailored to take into account factors that raise the risk of the top 30 killers, including heart disease, cancer and dementia.”

“However, it does not consider every preventable cause of death and cannot account for fatal accidents.”

“Dr. Savage admits that it is ‘difficult to determine’ the accuracy of the quiz, but its purpose is to help people assess the risk factors impacting their life expectancy so they can consider how to mitigate those risks.

Dr. Paul Savage says, ‘I do want people to use this score so that they can take actions which will boost their health and their longevity.”

Quoting the New York Post article, “Knowing approximately when one’s going to die might seem morbid, but Savage sees it a different way. Dr. Savage told The Post, “I haven’t met many people who don’t want to know how long they will live. What I usually hear is how to live longer, be healthier, and stay independent.”