Condition: Chronic Inflammation

MDLifespan Blood Test Female

LabCorp Blood Testing Instructions for Women

If you are scheduled to have your blood drawn at one of our locations, please arrive at that location on the date and time assigned. If you are to have your blood drawn at a LabCorp Patient Service Center, print the lab order and take it to the LabCorp near you.

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Does Chronic Inflammation Make it Hard to Lose Weight?

You hear it from your doctor, the media or wherever diet books are sold. This expression is not only infuriating to hear, let alone apply, it’s also impossibly wrong and sets you up for another failed attempt at weight loss.

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Why Chronic Inflammation is Your Worst Enemy

Ask any longevity specialist in the field, “what is the most dangerous condition in the human body?” and 99% of them will say chronic inflammation. Left untreated, chronic inflammation can damage healthy cells and organs.

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MDLifespan TPE Solutions Home

Detox and Cleanse Therapy

Detoxification is an essential but often misunderstood and misconstrued process. Despite popular belief associated with trendy “detox” drinks that promise quick results without lasting impact, the real power behind detox stems from making small lifestyle changes to help your body flush out unnecessary toxins for improved health and well-being over time.

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MDLifespan Longevity Solutions Plasma Exchange

Plasma Exchange Therapy

As we age, we accumulate many inflammatory proteins, chronic infections, and other toxins within our blood, within our plasma, to be exact.

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MDLifespan Chronic Inflammation

Chronic Inflammation

The Theory of Inflammation and Aging focuses on acute inflammation, which is never turned off, becoming chronic inflammation.

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MDLifespan Female Hormone Therapy

Female Hormone Therapy

As you reach a certain age, the transition to menopause or the experience of going through menopause can be overwhelming.

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MDlifespan Female Hormone Testing

Female Hormone Testing

Throughout her life, a woman’s hormonal fluctuations are greatly influenced by outside forces such as stress and infections, and genetics inherited from her mother. These can disrupt the delicate balance of hormones in a woman’s body due to inadequate production or excess amounts.

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MDLifespan Food Sensitivity Combined Testing Genova

Food Sensitivity Combined Testing

Every day, more people discover that their health issues may be related to their food. We can be born with food allergies passed down from our parents, but we often develop these sensitivities due to an imbalance of the gut. As we age, our gut microbiome changes and can make us more prone to developing an intolerance.

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