Instruction: Therapy Instructions

MDLifespan Testosterone Injection Instructions

Testosterone Injection Instructions

You and your physician have chosen to use an injectable form of Testosterone to treat your testosterone deficiency. Many people are apprehensive about the injection. The first thing to remember is that the injection is to be done slowly, easily to minimize the discomfort of the injection process.

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MDLifespan Stem Cell Pre-Operative Instructions

Stem Cell Pre-Operative Instructions

Bring an extra set of comfortable, loose clothing (including an extra pair of underwear). If you have a specific beverage or snack you prefer, please bring them to consume after the procedure. Our office does have protein shakes and juices. Please bring someone with you to drive you home. The procedure will leave your joints stiff for a few days, and you should not operate a motor vehicle of any kind.

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MDLifespan Stem Cell Post-Op Instructions Image

Stem Cell Post-Operative Instructions

Patients should be seen promptly by a physician for full evaluation should any of the following symptoms occur. Contact us (see below) or your primary doctor’s office immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.

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MDLifespan Male Pellet Post-Implantation Instructions

Male Pellet Post-Implantation Instructions

You should leave the bandage on for 24 hours, then take a shower, remove the bandage, and wash the wound with soap and water only. Do not apply any lotion, cream, or gels to the wound for 3 days.

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MDLifespan Female Pellet Post Implantation Instructions

Female Pellet Post-Implantation Instructions

After insertion, you will need to wait in the doctor’s office for a minimum of 20 minutes to ensure you tolerated the procedure well. After this time, you will be allowed to leave. You can drive home.

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