LabCorp Blood Testing Instructions for Women

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Finding a Location

Once you are notified that your lab order is ready, you will find the lab order in your patient portal under the Document Section.

If you are scheduled to have your blood drawn at one of our locations, please arrive at that location on the date and time assigned.

If you are to have your blood drawn at a LabCorp Patient Service Center, print the lab order and take it to the LabCorp near you. You can find the nearest LabCorp Patient Service Center (PSC) at We recommend you schedule an appointment online with the Patient Service Center.

Please note this is a prepaid lab order, do not give anyone your insurance information, even if the lab technicians ask you.

Before Lab Draw

The blood draw requires 10 hours of fasting and needs to be done in the morning, preferably before 10 AM. All medications/supplements must be taken the day/night before but not the morning of the test. During fasting, you should drink plenty of water, but please do not drink any other fluid, including no coffee or tea.

For females with regular menstrual cycles (and not taking hormone therapy or birth control), the blood draw must be completed on day 19, day 20, or day 21 of your period (with the first day of your menstruation as day 1).

For females with irregular cycles, in menopause, on birth control, or taking bioidentical hormone therapy, the blood draw can be done any day of the month.

After the Draw

The results of the blood test may take up to 2 weeks to be returned. Disregard what the lab tech may tell you. We will schedule your appointment once we have your test results all in.


You will receive an invoice with a link to a secure payment portal; please go online and remit payment at your earliest convenience.

If you have questions about anything mentioned above, please feel free to contact the patient liaison at any time.