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This longevity quiz will review your health habits, family history, social life, and more. At the end, you’ll be given a score estimating your life expectancy. If you want to know how to improve that score, we can send you a customized Longevity Report with recommended tests and therapies to help you improve your longevity.

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MDLifespan’s intent with the longevity report is to create a community interested in health and wellness. We have no intent or interest in selling your information to any outside parties. If you complete the quiz and want us to delete your information from our database, we will do so gladly. Please contact us at with your request and you will receive a response within 3 business days. Thank you.


The purpose of the longevity quiz is to provide general information regarding healthy lifestyles that can increase an individual’s lifespan.  However, the longevity quiz is for information uses only and does not take into account other factors that can affect an individual’s lifespan such as socioeconomic issues, other outside factors (i.e., suicide, homicide, accidental deaths, etc.) or Acts of God.

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