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Tech mogul Bryan Johnson, 46, reportedly spends $2 million a year to reverse the effects of aging. His Project Blueprint initiative focused on “maximally slowing your pace of aging and reversing the aging that occurs.” Johnson’s project has caught the attention of major media publications: Time Magazine, Insider, New York Post, Bloomberg, and more.

Dr. Savage, founder and CEO of MDLifespan, disagrees with Dr. Verdin’s harsh criticism of Johnson and Project Blueprint in a recent article in Time Magazine. Dr. Verdin is the CEO of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. Dr. Savage, a long-time expert in Longevity Medicine, says, “Doctors have ignored proactive healthcare, which leads to better health and longer lives, for too long. I am pleased to see Bryan’s passion for it and how the media is taking notice.”

Dr. Savage continues, “I support what Bryan Johnson is doing for longevity medicine like I supported what Suzanne Somers did for women and hormones. I applaud him for being an advocate, researching, hiring a team of doctors, spending money, starting Project Blueprint, and dedicating his life to this process. There’s minimal risk in what Bryan does: eat right, take vitamins, sleep, exercise… where is the danger? Every drug commercial you see on TV is just a list of possible side effects, including stroke, heart attack, or death. If it takes a billionaire experimenting with different methods to live forever, and people are paying attention to him, bring it on! I’m excited to see what he does next.”

Photo credit: Bryan Johnson/YouTube

Johnson recently gained considerable media coverage for his “blood boy” anti-aging experiment using blood plasma infusions from his 17-year-old son. He recently announced that he was ending the Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) experiment, stating no significant improvement was noted by the procedure.

Dr. Savage’s longevity clinic, MDLifespan, located in Chicago, IL, specializes in longevity services, including Therapeutic Plasma Exchange. Savage has had great success with clients by reducing inflammation, toxins, and oxidation and improving the immune system through TPE. Savage comments on the three reasons why TPE didn’t produce any benefits for Johnson:

#1 – Volume

The plasma volume infused appears to be way too low. In Johnson’s videos, it seems that they only infuse 500CCs, which is insufficient to make a significant difference in the blood. At MDLifespan, each TPE session exchanges approximately 3 liters of plasma (6 times the amount Johnson did) per session

#2 – Frequency

How many times Johnson and his 17-year-old son Talmage participated in plasma infusions is not noted. Our experience shows that to see changes in values for optimal results, MDLifespan recommends multiple TPE treatments.

MDLifespan’s premier package is five sessions stretched over four months. From our reading, we could only assume that Johnson performed the procedure once. One TPE treatment at 500CCs will not be enough to move the needle.

#3 – Optimization

Johnson publicly displays his results from 2 years of Blueprint. Doctors have confirmed that Johnson, 46, has a heart in excellent condition, comparable to that of a 37-year-old. Additionally, his lungs are also in great shape, resembling those of an 18-year-old.

At the end of the day, how do you perfect perfection? If you are already super healthy, you have less to gain from Therapeutic Plasma Exchange.


Johnson’s “Blood Boy” plasma exchange experiment does not mention testing any health biomarkers. Specifically, biomarkers associated with inflammation, oxidation, aging, and toxins.

Dr. Savage, a Longevity Medicine expert, knows it’s not just about adding things but also removing them. TPE reverses the biomarkers of aging by removing toxic plasma from the body, which in return improves the cellular microenvironment. The healthier your microenvironment is, the healthier your cells are.

Savage says, “Consider TPE as an oil change. The greater the volume of the oil you replace, the cleaner the oil will be. And the more often you change the oil, the cleaner it will stay.”

There are indisputable reasons why TPE didn’t produce any benefits for Bryan Johnson. He is in peak health; the plasma exchange volume was too low, and the frequency wasn’t high enough.

Most people looking to improve their overall health should consider Therapeutic Plasma Exchange. However, it is not suitable for Bryan Johnson, as he is in a league of his own.

Dr. Savage and the rest of the MDLifespan longevity team are here and ready to help you on your journey to improved health and wellness. If you’re ready, or simply have questions, please schedule a call with a client service advisor. We offer many virtual longevity services for clients across the U.S.