Dr. Paul Savage on The Art of Being Well podcast with Dr. Will Cole

Insightful Exchange on Longevity, Therapeutic Plasma Exchange, and Proactive Cancer Screening

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On this episode of The Art of Being Well podcast, Dr. Will Cole invites Dr. Paul Savage, founder and CEO of MDLifespan, to discuss breakthrough therapies and protocols in longevity medicine. From hormone therapy, detoxification strategies to early cancer screening myths and truths, Dr. Savage offers an in-depth view of health management that aims to increase lifespan by placing an emphasis on prevention and proactive measures.

Understanding Hormone Replacement and Plasma Exchange

Dr. Savage clarified the role of hormone replacement therapy in a healthy lifespan. He emphasizes focusing on symptoms, not numbers alone, in assessing hormonal health. Testosterone and growth hormones, contrary to pervasive beliefs, don’t cause cancer, and if cancer does occur, it tends to be less aggressive.

To further enhance longevity, Dr. Savage introduces the game-changing therapy called Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) – a detoxification method that revamps the entire system. Its efficacy has been proven in a study connecting the circulatory systems of old and young mice, emphasizing that it’s not youth per se that revives health, but the removal of ageing factors like inflammation, oxidation, glycation, and toxins.

Early Cancer Screening Myths and Truths

Despite the fear-inducing reputation of cancer, Dr. Savage asserts that it’s not hormones that cause it but more external factors like toxins, viruses, radiation, and continuous cell replication. Early cancer screening is imperative before initiating hormone therapy, and the RGCC Group, a Greek laboratory, offers a cutting-edge blood test for early-stage cancer detection, thus underlining the principle of proactive health management.

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The Prominence of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE)

A central part of the conversation lies in the profound potential of TPE for longevity. This procedure involves removing plasma carrying toxicity and replenishing it with albumin. Not only does this bring about thorough detoxification, but research has also shown remarkable reductions in markers for inflammation, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and an overall boost in immune health.

Final Thoughts

Opening a new door to the world of longevity health management, Dr. Paul Savage extends an invitation to everyone to take proactive steps. His invaluable inputs, coupled with extensive research and dynamic health strategies, are a powerful resource in achieving a longer and healthier life. By broadening our understanding of hormone therapy, therapeutic plasma exchange, cancer screening, and the accessibility of longevity programs, there’s no doubt that we can better navigate the path to a healthier, longer life.

Dr. Savage’s health mantra is simple: “The power to control your health lies in your hands.”

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