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You have everything you need inside you to create a healthy, robust, meaningful, and fulfilling life. Life coaching provides an individually designed social and emotional intelligence program with one-on-one support to partner with you on your journey. Identify your deeper yearnings that take you from dissatisfaction in one or all areas of your life (work, family, relationships, self, spirituality, community) to fulfillment.

Unlock the super-power of your emotions to heal past trauma and experience greater connection and intimacy with yourself and others. Research has found life coaching to be effective at reducing psychological distress.

Creating a vision for your ideal life that flows from your yearnings and values informs your goals so that meeting them is an adventure and life becomes about the journey and not the destination.

Lifestyle Changes Associated With Life Coach Therapy

Change, even for the better, is uncomfortable. There are no shortcuts or quick fixes to self-discovery and removing the blocks in the way of living to our full potential. But with a compassionate and supportive coach who will encourage, cheer you on, hold the vision for you, and keep you accountable, you can expect to be empowered to reach any goal you set.

Solutions for Life Coach Therapy

There are many options for therapy with a Life Coach. You may opt for one-on-one therapy, couples therapy, or group classes. All of these methods have their purpose and drawbacks. Often patients will start with one-on-one and advance to a group setting.

What to Expect From Life Coach Therapy

MDLifespan has worked with Life Coaches for many years. Most patients find our Life Coaching Team is caring, compassionate, and effective. You can expect to start to see parts of yourself hidden from view, changes in behaviors for the better, and an overall sense of gratitude as you learn to live each moment.

Precautions for Life Coach Therapy

The only precaution for Life Coaching is that you can occasionally have strong emotional and physical reactions after an appointment. Because of the emotional intelligence work you will do, the suppressed memories come back, and often not subtlety. We urge any patient who becomes overwhelmed, over-stressed, or depressed to seek medical attention at your local Emergency Room or hospital if you feel you are in danger.

Possible Side Effects of Life Coach Therapy

There are no known side effects of Life Coach Therapy.