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Every cell in the body contains nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), a tiny molecule responsible for numerous essential chemical reactions. Thousands of enzymes work together within our bodies to create various functions, breaking down molecules and helping build them. NAD+ is integral to these processes, ensuring they occur quickly and efficiently.

NAD+ is essential for producing energy in the body by signaling when it is time to create or stop making production. Unfortunately, NAD+ levels diminish with age and are further depleted due to stressors such as vigorous exercise, sleep deprivation, and immune system strain. Consequently, enzymes within the mitochondrial membrane dwindle, leaving them empty of any activity, producing a lack of energy throughout the entire body, much like an abandoned factory floor devoid of workers.

NAD+ is needed by two classes of enzymes, Sirtuins, and PARPs, to help the cell protect itself. Sirtuins regulate the cellular activity, while PARPs repair DNA damage caused by poor lifestyle choices such as overeating or lack of sleep. Without sufficient NAD+, these crucial systems fail to work correctly, leading to accelerated aging and chronic diseases.

Lifestyle Changes Associated With NAD Therapy

Our bodies create NAD+ inside each cell, and activities like fasting or exercise can promote its production. But the primary source of building material is foods rich in vitamin B3. Although supplementing with NAD+ proves only marginally successful because it struggles to penetrate cells directly, taking either NMN (the precursor to NAD+) or Vitamin B3 are far more reliable ways of increasing levels of this vital compound.

Lifestyle changes like stress reduction, sleep optimization, and exercise also impact NAD+ levels. By reducing the amount of cortisol (stress hormones) in our body, we can keep cell-damaging free radicals from forming, helping to preserve NAD+.

Solutions for NAD Therapy

As you age, your NAD levels drastically decrease. When you lack the necessary amount of NAD coenzymes, it is difficult for your body to receive all its required nutrients for cellular activity. Fortunately, IV therapy and one specific form of powdered NMN can help restore the balance cells need

NAD given intravenously is one of the most effective manners in obtaining healthy levels of NAD both in your circulation as well as inside the cellsWhen NAD is given intravenously, 4-6 hours is the usual time for the infusion to take place in the officeIf given too quickly, intravenous NAD can overstimulate muscles and give you a variety of symptoms including “jumping legs,” hand tremors, chest tightness, nausea, vomiting and headacheWhen given too quickly, NAD can “wipe you out” the next day, so that instead of feeling better, you can feel more tired, nauseous and “wiped out.”   

Most patients, given the right amount of intravenous NAD, over the right amount of time, report that they have less fatigue, more energy, more drive, more focus and “feels like” they are decades younger again. 

Although NAD is not absorbed easily, one specific form of NMN is well absorbed by the body. Studies show how NMN, in the form given by Accuri® Vitality Boost, increases a person’s NAD levels, both in circulation and inside the cells also.   In this study of 26 volunteers, given daily supplementation of Accuri® Vitality Boost (1000mg of NMN) had their NAD levels increased by 100%!

At MDLifespan, after decades of use, our patients do best when the patient receives an IV starter pack of 10 IVs of NAD, followed by daily administration of 1-2 scoops daily, based on body mass. 

NAD Programs:

  • NAD IV Therapy package of 10 (2 per week for 5 weeks) followed by oral Accuri® Vitality Boost (daily) – for those who wish to load up with NAD and maintain their levels with oral supplementation 
  • NAD IV Therapy package of 10 – for those who wish to use IV NAD 1-4 times per month, IV only
  • Oral Accuri® Vitality Boost (NMN) as supplement alone – for those who do not wish or want to do NAD IV Therapy due to the cost or the inconvenience of coming to the MDLifespan clinic. 

Each of these programs is designed with you in mind to help replenish the natural NAD+ molecules in your body, restoring the balance of energy production and ultimately improving everything from cognitive functioning to weight loss. This makes NAD therapy a potent tool for reversing the effects of aging on a cellular level.

What to Expect From NAD Therapy

NAD therapy is a safe and natural way to boost the body’s energy production capabilities, improve mitochondrial health, and even slow aging. It can also help restore balance to other organs in the body, like the liver, gallbladder, thyroid, adrenals, and kidneys.

NAD therapy protects your brain from cognitive decline. As a powerful antioxidant, NAD neutralizes free radicals that would otherwise impair cognition. By helping neurons adapt to stressors, NAD IV infusion safeguards against age-related neurodegenerative diseases while providing incomparable mental clarity.

NAD therapy can help improve your body’s performance by boosting your cells on a cellular level. It aids in keeping fats and lipids at bay that could otherwise harm liver health. Additionally, this infusion treatment is fantastic for stimulating enzymes that protect and repair DNA damage due to factors like stress, toxins, or infections – all of which contribute to inflammation throughout the body.

Precautions for NAD Therapy

If a patient is pregnant, lactating, has experienced seizures in the past, is taking medications for seizure prevention, has a current heart arrhythmia issue, or is allergic to NAD+, they should not use NAD+.

Too much NAD administered too quickly can lead to many unwanted issues, from an elevated heart rate and nausea to muscular cramping, fatigue, tremor, and even neuropsychiatric disturbances. These effects are caused by increased mitochondrial activity brought about by the increased NAD intake.

Possible Side Effects of NAD Therapy

NAD, when ingested or infused too rapidly or in too great of amount, will cause an increase in mitochondrial activity, which in turn causes:

  • Rapid heart rate
  • Irregular heart rate
  • Nausea, bloating
  • Muscle cramping
  • Sweating
  • Tremor
  • Neuro-psychiatric issues (anxiety, mania)
  • Fatigue

When to See a Doctor for NAD Therapy

Our providers are here to answer your questions regarding NAD therapy. It is never too early or too late to have one of our providers assess your NAD level.

NAD plummets as we age; with it goes our energy, focus, and drive. Whether IV or by our proprietary formula in powders to drink, NAD therapy provides your body with the essential components to maximize your health and wellness.