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Toxins are a pervasive danger in our environment, far beyond the traditional scope of heavy metals. Discovering plastics, petroleum products, herbicides, pesticides, and traces of medications and other contaminants in significant quantities inside your body is common. As we age, toxins build up in our bodies, creating various health problems.

Toxin therapy is one way to combat these growing environmental threats. This therapy involves using specific chemicals and other natural compounds to bind to and eliminate toxins from the body. Using natural substances to bind and remove toxins can free the body from potentially harmful chemicals.

One of the reasons why toxin therapy is so effective is because it works on a cellular level. By binding and removing toxins at the cellular level, toxic buildup can be stopped, and you may avoid more serious health problems. Our team consists of highly trained professionals committed to providing you with the highest quality care. From diagnosis to treatment, our specialists will work with you every step of the way to determine your individualized plan.

Lifestyle Changes Associated With Toxin Therapy

Along with toxin therapy, you may be advised to make lifestyle changes to obtain the best results. These changes include avoiding certain foods that can trigger inflammation and toxins, reducing stress levels, and adding routine exercise into your daily life.

Avoiding toxins like those in the environment is essential to achieving and maintaining optimal health. Toxin therapy may reduce your exposure levels while simultaneously treating any existing issues. Toxin therapy may be the right choice if you are looking for a natural and safe treatment option.

Along with fasting and other toxin therapy solutions, assessing potential environmental toxins in your home and workplace is also important. Consider utilizing air filtration systems, closing off vents, and other methods of reducing or eliminating environmental toxins.

Our team can guide how to safely make these changes to get the most out of your toxin therapy. We understand that these changes may be difficult initially, but we are here to provide support and encouragement to help you reach your goals.

Solutions for Toxin Therapy

Toxin therapy, medications, and supplements may help reduce inflammation and improve overall health. Depending on your individualized needs, binders, antioxidants, and other medicines may be necessary. Working with our team to determine the best course of action for you is important. Toxin therapy medications may include:


Our bodies require a metal binder, a chelator, to eliminate heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium (and many others). Multiple types of chelators appear like molecular crabs, with their claws trapping calcium or magnesium ions in place of more dangerous materials like lead or mercury. Chelation can be administered orally, rectally, or through an intravenous solution.

Antioxidants and Methylators

The modern-day world has overloaded our bodies with toxins, so some of the natural detoxifying processes may become under-resourced.

Supplementing with antioxidants and methylators can be helpful in supporting your body’s rejuvenation pathways. Many options are available, so finding one that works best for you should not be difficult.


Some toxins, such as pesticides, petroleum products, and plastics, are notoriously difficult to remove from our bodies. Fortunately, natural binders like charcoal, fiber, and clay are available, which can help eliminate these dangerous contaminants.

Additionally, specific binders, such as cholestyramine, have effectively bind toxins resulting from infections. Utilizing a combination of the two types of binder is an ideal way to ensure your body remains free of harmful pollutants.

Plasma Exchange Therapy

A new procedure for longevity and toxins is the Therapeutic Plasma Exchange. This procedure has been around for over 50 years, and FDA approved, literally removes toxins from your body by removing plasma in exchange for saline and protein given intravenously. This safe and effective therapy removes all types of toxins and has been proven to lower many aging-associated biomarkers.

What to Expect From Toxin Therapy

We advise, particularly for those just beginning the program, to start your detoxification journey steadily. While our longevity detox therapies are usually gentler than conventional treatments, you may occasionally experience lightheadedness, unease, or nausea during treatment.

Rest assured that these symptoms typically dissipate soon after completing the therapy, and most people feel great again shortly afterward. Overall, toxin therapy can be an effective method for reducing your body’s toxic burden.

Detoxification therapy can offer many benefits, including improved stamina and quicker exercise recovery times, protection against liver damage and cancer cell growth inhibition, more robust immunity support, greater metabolic efficiency, and reduced inflammation. In addition to providing better physical health outcomes, detox therapies may lead to sharper mental focus & clarity and more restful sleep.

Precautions for Toxin Therapy

At MDLifespan, we prioritize safety above all else. As experienced professionals in detoxification programs, our team will find the best approach for each patient—including fasting, chelation, binders, or supplements.

However, if you are pregnant/breastfeeding; suffering from kidney disease; have an abnormal heart rhythm or electrolyte imbalance; or taking diuretics – certain types of detoxifications may not be suitable to use on your body.

Before beginning the Toxin Therapy program, we strongly encourage you to consult your provider about any prescribed medications or drugs. As certain substances could counteract detoxification efforts, those taking medicines for epilepsy or cardiac arrhythmias should avoid starting the program altogether.

Possible Side Effects of Toxin Therapy

There are several side effects that can occur with the various forms of detoxification. By far, the most serious is detoxing too much too fast. This often happens when a patient attempts to detoxify their body with a medically unsupervised program, which they found online.

The body’s water balance can go too high or too low. The electrolytes, like potassium, can fluctuate and cause serious abnormal heart rhythms or cause the body to have a seizure. Detoxification is often essential, so do it with an experienced team.

When to See a Doctor for Toxin Therapy

It is very unlikely that you will experience adverse reactions or side effects while undergoing Toxin Therapy. But if life-threatening symptoms arise, call 911 immediately or seek medical care from your nearest emergency department.