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Good Morning Arizona gets Dr. Savage's Opinion on Forever Chemicals

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In a recent interview on Good Morning Arizona, CBS 5, MDLifespan’s founder and CEO Dr. Paul Savage shared his expert insights on the pressing issue of forever chemicals and their impact on our health. These chemicals, referred to as forever chemicals due to their persistent nature in the environment and the body, have raised significant concerns, prompting the CDC to recommend testing for their presence in individuals.

Dr. Savage explained that forever chemicals, including fluorinated chemicals found in a variety of everyday items such as plastics, textiles, and cleaning products, have become pervasive in our environment over the past four decades. Disturbingly, the recent warning from the CDC indicates that 98% of Americans now have these chemicals in their system.

What’s particularly alarming is the association of forever chemicals with a wide array of chronic diseases, from obesity and heart disease to Alzheimer’s and cancer. This underscores the urgent need to address the impact of these toxins on our bodies and overall well-being.

While the current limitations in testing only cover a fraction of the 4000 known forever chemicals, Dr. Savage emphasized the importance of advanced toxin testing to gauge individual toxicity levels. Furthermore, he outlined practical steps that individuals can take to minimize their exposure, such as ensuring a clean food and water supply, thorough cleaning of fruits and vegetables, and replacing household cleaners with safer alternatives.

The interview also shed light on emerging developments in addressing this crisis. Dr. Savage and his team are pioneering a protocol involving plasma exchange, which shows promise in effectively removing forever chemicals, heavy metals, and other toxins from the body. This breakthrough offers hope in combating the adverse effects of these pervasive environmental pollutants.

As we grapple with the prevalence of forever chemicals in our surroundings, it’s vital to stay informed and proactive in protecting our health. MDLifespan will continue to explore this critical issue, providing valuable insights and updates on potential solutions in upcoming articles.

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