Dr. Paul Savage Advocates For Better Toxin Testing: Urine VS. Blood

Why Urine Testing is Superior to Blood for Toxin Testing

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Chicago, IL – Founder and CEO of MDLifespan, Dr. Paul Savage, is leading a paradigm shift in toxin testing, urging a reevaluation of the conventional approach. “Amid the CDC’s call for perpetual blood testing for forever chemicals, I believe that urine testing surpasses blood testing in accuracy and comprehensiveness, offering a compelling perspective on the silent health crisis caused by toxins,” he says. 

Dr. Savage challenges the widespread reliance on blood tests, asserting that lower toxin levels are universally observed in blood, limiting its efficacy. “In contrast, urine testing is significantly more sensitive, providing more accurate results and capturing a broader range of chemicals than blood tests,” says Dr. Savage. “This approach aims to redefine our understanding of individual toxic exposure, going beyond standard parameters covered by traditional blood tests.” 

Highlighting the concentration of toxins in urine as a distinctive advantage, Dr. Savage emphasizes the reliability of this method compared to blood. The kidneys ability to concentrate toxins in the urine offers a more precise and concentrated sample for analysis, enhancing the reliability of the results.”  

In addition to its scientific merits, urine testing stands out for its practicality,” says Dr. Savage. “Urine samples are not only more comprehensive but also easier to collect than blood samples, making them a more accessible and user-friendly option for routine toxin testing.” 

“I have been performing urine toxin tests on my clients over the last 25 years, and I completely agree with the CDC; its not a matter of IF they have toxins in their bodies; its a matter of how many toxins a person has, how high those toxin levels are, and how dangerous those toxins are, all of which are important in determining an individuals risk,” says Dr. Savage. 

Urine toxin tests can detect the following:

  • PFAs, aka ‘forever chemicals’  
  • Heavy metals, such as lead, aluminum, and mercury  
  • Environmental toxins, aka pesticides, herbicides, plastics, petroleum, phenols and phthalates  
  • Organic toxins, also called mycotoxins, which are naturally occurring molds (fungi) found in foods 

Dr. Savage is currently researching the negative effects of toxins on the body, including the effect that toxins have on accelerating the aging process. He and his international team of colleagues have developed a new protocol that effectively removes virtually all toxins from the body, which promises to decrease peoples chances of developing cancer, Alzheimers disease, autoimmune diseases, and other chronic illnesses.

About Dr. Paul Savage

Dr. Savage (profile here) is available for media interviews via video, phone, or email to discuss toxin testing and how to remove them.   

Interview inquiries or email media questions, contact gary.grasso@mdlifespan.com 

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