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Dr. Savage, the founder and CEO of MDLifespan, a longevity clinic in Chicago, IL, has created an outstanding new wellness tool that over 100,000 people have taken advantage of. It is called the “Longevity Report.”  

The Longevity Report was beta-tested in October 2023 and was initially named the “longevity score.” A free 38-question quiz that predicts how long someone will live based on their family history, lifestyle, and health.  

Thanks to the Daily Mail and the New York Post running stories on the longevity score, we had exactly 109,935 people visit our website to take the quiz.  

The results provided shocking statistics:  

  • 44.6% of people sit over 3 hours straight per day  
  • 38.2% of people do not have daily social interactions  
  • 70.1% of people experience daily fatigue  
  • 57.5% of people never see a doctor or only see a doctor when they are sick  
  • 39.9% of people don’t do preventative screenings or are not up to date 
  • 32.4% of people either have high cholesterol and don’t take medications or don’t know their cholesterol level  
  • 64.9% of people do not know their hemoglobin A1c level
  • 38.8% of people have had one or more family members with dementia  
  • 66.4% of people have had one or more family members with cancer  

Everything listed above can, unfortunately, harm your longevity. Heart disease is the #1 killer in the United States, and several of the stats above make it clear as to why that is.  

Dr Savage told MailOnline: ‘I designed the longevity score to inspire people to evaluate the impact their environment, lifestyle, and family history has on their longevity.”   

According to the MailOnline article, the “average life expectancy for men is 73, and women are expected to live until 79 in the US.”  

 So, what do you do after you take the longevity quiz and know your life expectancy age? That is where the Longevity Report comes in!  

Introducing the Longevity Report

November 20th, 2023 – MDLifespan officially released the Longevity Report. This latest version added more questions for more precise life expectancy age calculations. Then, based on your answer to the longevity quiz, you can order your customized Longevity Report, which provides a personalized list of recommended tests and therapies to help improve your longevity. 

The Longevity Report can be found at or on  

The original longevity score/quiz is still available and free to everyone interested in their projected lifespan. Those looking for more in-depth information on how to improve their health and wellness can order their custom Longevity Report.  

Get Your Longevity Report for $10

“It seems that everyone is at least curious about their current health, risk factors, and estimated longevity,” Dr. Savage told the New York Post, “as my grandfather says, ‘if you don’t look, then you will not see it, and if you don’t measure, then you cannot fix it.'”   

MDLifespan is incredibly excited to bring this new wellness tool to the longevity industry. 

Dr. Savage said, “Even though MDLifespan can provide all the tests and therapies recommended by the longevity report, it does not mean we expect people to come to us. All we want this tool to do is to provide insight on how to improve their longevity. If a person takes their longevity report to their doctor and wants them to perform the tests or therapies, that is great! Truly. We want people to be educated on the options and help everyone improve their quality of life. Even if we aren’t the ones helping them.”  

Dr. Paul Savage has been in the field of longevity medicine for over 25 years, and in this YouTube video, he discusses the “12 Causes of Aging.” Dr. Savage specializes in helping people slow down the biological aging process. He uses evidence-based therapies to reduce the risks of diseases and helps people live with healthy longevity. 

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