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In a world where environmental toxins impact our health more than we realize, Dr. Paul Savage, a distinguished expert in longevity and precision medicine and hormone replacement therapy, unravels the complex relationship between toxins, hormonal balance, and overall well-being on the recent episode of Fit Rx Health + Wellness podcast. Dr. Savage offers a wealth of knowledge and actionable strategies to help listeners navigate the pervasive issue of toxins and its effects on their health.

Understanding the Toxic Burden:

Dr. Savage sheds light on the omnipresence of toxins in our daily lives, with a staggering 144,000 human-made toxins saturating our environment. From Glyphosate to Lead, BPA to Mercury, these toxins infiltrate our bodies, accumulating and disrupting our natural functions. The correlation between toxin exposure and health issues emphasizes the urgency for awareness and proactive measures.

Plasma Exchange as a Detoxification Solution:

Comparable to an oil change for our bodies, plasma exchange offers a means to detoxify by purging old plasma and rejuvenating our internal environment. Dr. Savage clarifies that while plasma exchange isn’t a fountain of youth, it serves as a viable intervention in select cases to kickstart detoxification. Dr. Savage’s innovative Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) protocol showcases remarkable success in eliminating a range of toxins from the body, resulting in improved health outcomes. The protocol offers a promising avenue for detoxification and restoration of health.

Toxins’ Impact on Hormones:

Beyond mere existence, toxins actively obstruct hormone receptors, triggering inflammation and disrupting hormonal balance, which can manifest as sexual dysfunction. Dr. Savage delves into the intricate interplay between absorbed toxins and hormonal disturbances, underscoring the profound impact on overall health.

Strategies for Reducing Toxin Exposure:

Dr. Savage advocates lifestyle modifications to minimize toxic exposure, emphasizing choices such as opting for stainless steel over plastic, selecting organic produce, and investing in triple-filtered water. These conscious decisions pave the way for long-term health benefits by reducing our toxic load.


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Hormone Replacement Therapy for Well-being:

Drawing from his personal journey, Dr. Savage champions hormone replacement therapy for its transformative effects on energy levels, sleep quality, and sexual function. His narrative stands as a testament to the therapy’s potential in enhancing overall well-being.

Nutrition and Clean Living for Hormonal Health:

Dr. Savage accentuates the pivotal role of nutrition and lifestyle choices in maintaining hormonal balance. From green shakes to organic produce and natural cleaning alternatives, prioritizing clean living fosters hormonal harmony and overall health.

Dr. Paul Savage’s profound insights unveil the critical nexus between environmental toxins, hormonal health, and overall well-being. Through his expertise and guidance, listeners are empowered to make informed choices, explore detoxification options, and embark on a journey towards revitalized health. MDLifespan continues to champion transformative dialogues that equip individuals with the knowledge to take charge of their health and longevity.