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MDLifespan Male Pellet Post-Implantation Instructions

Male Pellet Post-Implantation Instructions

You should leave the bandage on for 24 hours, then take a shower, remove the bandage, and wash the wound with soap and water only. Do not apply any lotion, cream, or gels to the wound for 3 days.

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MDLifespan Full Body Scan Instructions

Full Body Scan Instructions

We are excited to offer you this comprehensive Full Body Scan. This is an exam developed by 3T Imaging/Insight and Dr. Savage to provide our patients with the highest level of technology in screening for specific health-related conditions.

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MDLifespan Blood Test Male

LabCorp Blood Testing Instructions for Men

Once you are notified that your lab order is ready, you will find the lab order in your patient portal under the Document Section. If you are scheduled to have your blood drawn at one of our locations, please arrive at that location on the date and time assigned.

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MDLifespan Genova Diagnostics One Day Hormone Check Saliva Testing Instructions

Genova Diagnostics One Day Hormone Check Saliva Testing Instructions

On the day of collection, avoid caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine. Continue to take your medications, supplements, and hormones as usual unless specifically instructed to do so by your MDLifespan Team. If you use hormone creams, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before beginning.

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MDLifespan TPE Solutions Home

Detox and Cleanse Therapy

Detoxification is an essential but often misunderstood and misconstrued process. Despite popular belief associated with trendy “detox” drinks that promise quick results without lasting impact, the real power behind detox stems from making small lifestyle changes to help your body flush out unnecessary toxins for improved health and well-being over time.

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MDLifespan Longevity Telomere Testing Genetics DNA


The genetic theory of aging states that lifespan is primarily determined by the genes we inherit. According to the theory, our longevity is determined mainly at conception and largely depends on our parents and their genes.

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MDLifespan TPE Solutions Dinner Party

Life Coaching

You have everything you need inside you to create a healthy, robust, meaningful, and fulfilling life. Life coaching provides an individually designed social and emotional intelligence program with one-on-one support to partner with you on your journey.

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MDlifespan Genetics Testing Dante Genomics

Genetic Testing

Everyone has unique variations in their DNA, known as genetic variants. Specific genetic variants called Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, or SNPs, can increase the risk of chronic diseases. Our providers can recognize your potential vulnerability to particular illnesses by undergoing a genetic test and developing tailored treatments that will help you best avoid them.

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MDLifespan TPE Solutions Beach

Senescence Therapy

Senescence is an aging process in which a cell permanently stops dividing yet does not die. This occurs when the cell experiences various stressors that lead to the accumulation of damaged DNA.

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